Tuesday, January 15, 2019
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It's all about waking up excited to come to work; it's about quality of life; it's about appreciating and enjoying your job. People are drawn to Acorn Technology because of its unique culture and outstanding technical reputation, as well as the opportunity to work with smart, creative people in an open and collaborative environment.

The most successful people at Acorn Technology are passionate about the projects on which they are involved. This passion comes from being able to invest themselves in their work and to have their opinions and innovations make a difference, and providing amazingly powerful solutions to thousands of users.

If you have interest in one or more of the positions listed below, please follow the instructions below.

~Acorn Technology Human Resources

Available Positions

Technical Service Representative I (TSR1) & Customer Service Representative I (CSR1): (CSR1):

New employees will be given the opportunity to advance within the Acorn ranks by entering into our TSR1 and CSR1 training programs. Although new employees are not expected to be experts in technology, we have put together a set of questions that we would like applicants to answer. These questions will give the applicant an understanding of the type of work they could potentially be doing while at Acorn.

For more information on being a TSR1, click here.


Please send your resume & test to Acorn via email or fax.

     Attn. Recruitment
     (951) 320-7066 (fax)






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